Post 10 | Jihad Movement and Feminism

The Jihadi movement began with Jihad being against the Soviets and wanted military freedom by reform movements. In 1979, 'Islamic revolution' conquered the Soviet empire and took up arms of brothers in Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, Boshla, and more.  They wanted an ideal Islamic state. Taliban tried to reach this first lead by students. When they … Continue reading Post 10 | Jihad Movement and Feminism

Post 5 | Microfinance in Namibia The basic argument for and against micro-credits that Banerjee and Duflo make is that they believe that micro-credits can end poverty but with bad credit and poor people it is difficult for people to establish the credit. They believe that if the people of Africa, India, and East Asia can see some light in … Continue reading Post 5 | Microfinance in Namibia