Post 12 | Muslims in Scandinavia and Spain

Muslim and Islam in any country is difficult and takes time. In Scandinavia there are more and more Muslim and Islam presence and the process of integration is something that both parties are working towards, it just takes time.

The first level of integration is to make Islam and Muslim an accepted part of the country’s everyday life. This is the main level in any country who has a new and growing population of Islam people. This has not happened yet in Scandinavia because of the cultures view of Islam is negative. To achieve this adaptation it requires both Islam and natives to adapt their culture so both can work together in harmony. Swedish are becoming more accepting of Muslims and have recently started allowing women to wear head scarfs in the workplace.

The second level is the political level. This is tricky everywhere in the world. There aren’t many Muslim involved in the political life at the national level. Those involved are considered leaders or representatives is Islam and Muslim. The typical Muslim in Scandinavia are not involved in politics but the media instead. They are more of an extremist of the faith and live their lives exactly how the faith tells them to. Women are just as vocal of their beliefs but want to be independent and not have the binds of Islam anymore so they are more secular.

The third level is the level of religious rituals. Some of the rituals of the Islamic way go against Swedish law. They will have to find a compromise to make the rituals and laws work together.

The fourth level is the ideological level. There are individuals and organizations there to express the development of integration and they call this ‘Euro-Islam”. They want to show they have left their home and came to create a more ‘true’ Islam in Europe.


There is not a great impact of Islam in Spain because of two reasons. In the past fifteen years, Spain has become a country who can accept immigrants. This is a significantly less period of time than most countries with Muslims. The number of Muslims in Spain will naturally be lower because of the short time they have been able to enter Spain. The other reason is Spain has no lasting colonies in Muslim countries. Since there aren’t any ‘allies’ in the Muslim countries they can’t make as many connections to come to Spain as other countries.

Most Muslims come to Spain for economic reasons and have received a limited level of integration. The only integration is given to Muslim Spanish nationalized Muslims not to the Muslim immigrants. They do not recognize Muslim religious associations and only focus on Spanish Muslims- indigenous or naturalized.

In conclusion, I have learned a lot about Islam is Europe and have seen the challenges that each country is facing. There are so many problems with Muslim integration in European countries and the issue is not something that is going to go away ever. There will always be more and more muslim and Islam people in these countries and what those countries do to integrate them is up to them. I think the best solution is for countries to set a set of standards that all immigrants have to follow and what they need to do to become a part of the culture and stick to those no matter what the religion or nationality.


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