Post 10 | Jihad Movement and Feminism


The Jihadi movement began with Jihad being against the Soviets and wanted military freedom by reform movements. In 1979, ‘Islamic revolution’ conquered the Soviet empire and took up arms of brothers in Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, Boshla, and more.  They wanted an ideal Islamic state. Taliban tried to reach this first lead by students. When they conquered the Soviet Union it helped them to grow closer to their goal of an Islamic State but they still have the west as in Islamic enemy.

The Sharia law is an Islam law that owes little to the Qur’an so it is not taken as Divine. The Sharia is mostly fiqh, classical jurisprudence formulated in Abbasid Period and has the logic of Muslim imperialism of the 8th and 9th centuries. The ruling on Apostasy (religious rebellion) is the argument that there is no compulsion in religion. The law says that non-Muslims have no right to have an opinion in Muslim court and should be humiliated.

Puritan fundamentalists are worried about the crime and punishment that Sharia brings known as the hudad laws. This means the boundary or outer limit of laws. The hudad punishment is the most extreme and has been discouraged by prophets. Since the Sharia is taken from the 8th and 9th century time, so is the punishments. this is a problem that they aren’t wanting to modernize the laws. These punishments create a society of extremes and fear. The Muslims are at a crossroads concerning the Sharia and hudad punishment. If they nix it then they saying sin is okay, but if they support it then they have a 8th/9th century country. They have a problem with contemporary dilemmas and the first victims of the power is the women of the country.



I do not think that Islamic law has always been consumed by punishment. I think like anything else, laws are made first then punishment comes when there are problems. I believe that the Muslim faith is a very serious and dedicated religion and they want to protect it so then comes the extreme punishments to keep the religion how it was intended to be.

Islamic Feminism is non-existent in today’s society in Islam communities. Women are seen as half of the worth of a man, as an object or property, and no opinion of theirs is ever wanted. Since the up rise of the sharia thoughts and movements, women have lost almost every right they have ever had and most importantly their freedom. In the classical era of Muslim civilization women were treated pretty much as equals and could be independent and live their lives as the pleased. Now, there is no such practice. Being a woman in America I am very thankful for the freedom and voice that I have. Islamic Feminism has been a useful tool for addressing gender inequalities there and abroad but I do think that the feminist movement is a little extreme in the US. I think we as Americans should be thankful for what freedom we have and we should use our voice to try and help those women in other countries to gain theirs.


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