Post 9 – Journey to a New Home

Journalist Alia Malek did an excellent job of showing the desperation of the people trying to flee their home countries her article Dipossessed. In her article Malek used a comic strip and firsthand reports of the real events taking place. I very much enjoyed reading about the perspectives of the countries that are taking in the fleeing refugees. One of my favorite quotes from the, “Today’s world is too small to allow a part – any part- of it to sink into chaos and despair” is talking about how everyone needs to put in effort to help. In the article it touches on the fact that many countries aren’t wealthy enough to house or feed the large amount of refugees that have been flooding in. They speak of how wealthier countries such as the United States and China need to help out with supporting the refugees.

The comic used in the article is definitely helpful for people who are visual learners. It shows the reader firsthand accounts of the horrors the refugees had to endure such as what makes someone flee their home, the likelihood of troubles happening during process of fleeing, and the horrid conditions people had to put themselves through while finding a new and better life. I believe that the comic does the situation justice in some ways such as listed above, however I also believe that the comic simplified the struggles the refugees were facing. After I watched the movie My Escape I felt that the comic did not correctly reflect on the true torture the refugees had to experience. 

My Escape was a eye opening  film that showed the feelings, terrors, and awfulness of the refugees fleeing for safety and protection. The movie was full of stories and personal experiences shared by several Syrian refugees, they have had interviews that included visuals such as videos and pictures taken on cell phones of the refugees themselves which made it very personal and even eye opening to me. This film opened up my eyes to the heart wrenching terror, uncertainty, and loss of loved ones that many refugees had to face. One thing that really caught my attention was when I learned about the smugglers who were paid by refugees to be trafficked out of the country. I have read about this sort of thing happening in the past but this movie made it seem so much more real. The refugees basically felt like their own fate was in the hands of the smugglers. The interesting part is that most refugees were actually scared of the smugglers because of their intimidating dispositions. This was because the smugglers saw the refugees as a source of potential cash. They would be crammed into overcrowded boats and fuel tanks of buses with low air supply. I couldn’t not imagine ever being put into a position where that was my only option to seek freedom and flee my home. Some others hiked through deserts in hopes of finding a new life. There was a man who had his nephew with him who said his feet kept sinking into the sand it was one of the hardest walks of his entire life. This movie really opened my eyes and made me feel blessed for the life I have lived. Reasons like those are why I believe the comic isn’t that good of a representation of the real horrors the refugees had to go through.

In the article Islam and the West: Narratives of Conflict and Conflict Transformation, by Nathan Funk and Abdul Aziz Said, the story of intercultural confrontation portrays how the United States and the Middle East perceive each other in negative ways. They basically dehumanize each other with stereotypes and do not see eye to eye, they do not thing they have anything in common. The West links the Middle East with images such as desert oases, sword-bearing Arabs, veiled women and belly dancers. “These images are united by the same idea of “otherness” that has haunted Europe’s relations with the Eastern Mediterranean” is a quote from the article that shows how they feel about their true differences . The Middle Eastern Muslims images of the West are colored concurrently by envy and fear, admiration and suspicion. The assertion of the Western military, political, and economic power creates feelings of distrust and resentment but in contrast the technological, economic, and political achievements are appealing. The Middle East also has negative thoughts concerning the sexual immorality, family life, crime, and public safety. Because of the constant belief of differentiations, cultural differences have been exaggerated and distorted which in return further each other from coming to peace with each other. However what did sho ways that the West and Middle East could find values they have in common was through the story of intercultural compatibility. This story provided a basis for understanding and cooperation. The values included were respect for learning, the desire for peace, esteem for toleration, and partisanship on behalf of the human dignity. The story of compatibility seeks to rid of the misperceptions and double standards, and provides hope for improved relations. I believe this will help them come to mutual respect with one another.




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