Post 9 | A Refugee’s Journey


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My assessment of the foreign affairs The Dispossessed article is that it glamorizes the process of escaping a bit. The concept of a comic typically is for entertainment or humor, not to tell a story of a serious matter. I enjoyed the buts where the article was just written and it gave me a better understanding of what was actually happening versus the comic where I had a harder time depicting the pictures. The comic does not do justice to the refugee situation. It does show you a basic story or summary of what happened but does not show the severity of escaping and their journey to Germany. The comic skips out on telling how the people had to walk through the desert to get to the raft. It doesn’t show how they do not let people on the raft right away, they make them wait. It also does not show how much control the smugglers had on the refugees. They were treated like prisoners and were put through so much. The refugees have no freedom after leaving to go to the desired destination. Overall, the comic shows only a small portion of what the trek to Germany was really like and is a less violent and real version of what actually happened.

The story of intercultural confrontation is the expression of Western and Middle Eastern Muslim and how their consciousness is alike but not shown in their actions. Islam and Westerners do have a common heritage of civilization and share values of understanding and cooperation. “These values of understanding and desire for peace, esteem for toleration, and behalf of human “(Funk). A major problem that both groups have that hinder them from having the common goals are that both put simple labels on the different groups of people. Westerners call Islamic people Muslim or Middle Easterners and Islamic call Westerners, west or others. This is such a broad name for both groups that really doesn’t describe either group fully. They almost see each other as an enemy because of where they are from. The media is a big factor in separating the two groups of people by focusing on the bad or extremes of each group rather than the similarities or good parts of both groups.

Intercultural compatibility is called the ‘second story’ and is how the Western and Middle East are alike. Both have taken a strong influence of Greek cultural heritage. It focuses on how the two different groups are actually alike in cultural and political aspects. Islam and West are not really involved with each other at all and that hurts growth and relationships between the two. Both groups see differences only, rather than similarities that they do have. Both are wanting the other to transform completely to be like the other rather than working together with the differences.

The type of conflict management that is talked in Islam and the West about is “establishing peace in the present climate of mutual recrimination and rewarded claims of inherent cultural superiority will not be an easy task”. Confrontation is one way to go about peace and affirmative approach is another. The overall management that is used is trying to get both groups to put understanding of peace at the center of their thoughts and actions and have a better understanding of each groups beliefs and culture. I do agree that this is the best way to handle this conflict. Until both groups want the same common goal of peace between each other and a knowledge of each other the problems they have will never be solved.




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